“McCament & Rogers has provided a broad array of consulting services for Point Ruston since we launched the development in 2007.  We are absolutely pleased with their work. Point Ruston would not be as far along as it is without the steadfast dedication and support of J.J. and Raelene.”  

Mike Cohen, Managing Partner & Loren Cohen, Manager, Legal Affairs, Point Ruston LLC

“Over the many years that I have had the pleasure of being associated with the fine work of McCament & Rogers, I am always amazed at their overall level of knowledge pursuant to properties and land use actions and rulings impacting the greater south Puget Sound region.  In addition, I am not sure if I know anyone else with as deep of contacts that if needed can be called upon to address current issues being faced by our design staff, our consultant team members or our clients. If neither J.J. nor Raelene has the information I am seeking at the tip of their fingers, they always know just the right person to direct me to in order to resolve the most complex of issues impeding our progress.”

Scott E. Harm, Senior Partner, Belay Architecture, LLC

 “The strength of my appreciation for Ralene and J.J. is founded in their capabilities to perform in all types of challenges. During the roller coaster ride of the past decade, I have worked closely with them as they helped their clients flourish in boom times and find a way to survive in the bad times. Both scenarios require a range of professional talents, strategic thinking, vision and communication, all of which they perform well. In my experiences they have shown they know what is required at every level of real estate activity, including development, project management, marketing, sales, property services and organizational operations. They have a great passion for community development and understand that every client they serve, whether it be a governmental entity or an individual renter, is a valued component of that community. In simple terms, they know what they are doing and they do it well. “

Blaine Johnson, President, Passages Partnership, Inc., Tacoma, Washington

“The combined experience of Raelene’s extensive real estate background and J.J.’s knowledge of land use development and municipal codes makes them truly the dynamic duo.   Each of them give so much above and beyond what is typical in the industry today, always making each client feel as though they are their only client.    J.J. and Raelene do business the old fashioned way:  with the utmost integrity, personal attention, and commitment from start to finish.    I wouldn’t hesitate to give these two professionals my highest recommendations.” 

Brenda Leech.  Sr. Mortgage Banker, Republic Mortgage

“Working with Raelene Rogers over the past 12-years has always been good experience. Raelene is a knowledgeable Realtor who always works for her customer’s best interest.  It is always a pleasure to work with Raelene Rogers and her customers and I would refer my customers with the confidence that Raelene will represent them well.”

Richard Pifer, Timberland Bank


“These are really great people and, without question, the people to call if you need information about real estate in Tacoma.”

Tom O’Connor, Developer, Mid-Town Lofts

As Past President of Murphy’s Landing Marina Association, I have had the pleasure of working with Raelene Rogers, one of the principals of McCament & Rogers for many years.  I have found Raelene very thorough in organizing our monthly Board meetings as well as our annual membership meetings.  Raelene organized and presented our financial data in a timely and professional manner and made recommendations to improve the Association’s financial status.  She was always available for consultation.

I highly recommend McCament & Rogers to anyone who desires expert property management.

Frank Ruffo, Past President, Murphy’s Landing Marina Association

“I recently purchased a piece of property with the intention of building a custom home on that property. Raelene Rogers of McCament & Rogers handled my end of the initial negotiation of the property and guided me through the trials and tribulations of getting a construction loan approved. She was magnificent in all aspects of the effort that took approximately 3 1/2 months to accomplish. She was very knowledgeable of all required forms and procedures and constantly kept me updated on progress both with the property purchase as well as the loan application process.  J.J. McCament also got involved in helping me with the wording of a legal document that pertained to a portion of the property that will revert back to the seller upon approval of county subdivision requirements.  I couldn’t have been happier with the McCament & Rogers team effort!  They are professional, thorough, and continually ensure that their client is getting the best possible representation!  We closed on the property and our home is currently under construction.  I couldn’t have gotten here without their excellent guidance and support.”

Larry D. Essenpreis, Gig Harbor

“Raelene was incredible to work with – we can’t recommend her highly enough.  Her level of professionalism was outstanding, and her attention to detail second to none.  Most importantly, however, she truly cared about the success of our real estate project.”    

The Nelsons, Gig Harbor

“Raelene navigated us through a challenging transaction with efficiency and grace.  During the time we worked with her, we were impressed with her organization, knowledge of the marketplace, and the respect her peers have for her.”

 Gary and Lydia Myers, GKS Builders LLC, Gig Harbor, WA

5775 Soundview Dr, Suite B202, Gig Harbor, WA 98335  PHONE: 253-686-6105
EMAIL: raelene@mccamentandrogers.com or EMAIL: jj@mccamentandrogers.com